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3 Electronic Patient Statement Benefits To Simplify & Clarify Your Process

Oct 13, 2017 9:04:04 AM / by Greg Goode

Greg Goode


 3 Electronic Patient Statement Benefits To Simplify & Clarify Your Process


In our new weekly blog series, "Dashboard Driven Decisions," we'll be examining how addiction recovery, substance abuse and behavioral health organizations can greatly benefit from monitoring patient claims electronically, specifically via the use of a claims dashboard.  Electronic claims management is faster, more organized and less error-prone than traditional methods, allowing your back office to work more effectively and you, in turn, to focus on growing your business.

In our seventh and final installment, we examine the ways electronic patient billing can make your process streamlined and simple through the awesome power of automation. 


Statement Generation 

With either the click of a button or through configured settings, you can automate patient statements which clearly show all patient responsibility and any credits or debits applied to the patient’s balance. If you currently use software to track patient responsibility, it should have automated features in order to make it a much more efficient process, and to ease the burden that's been placed on your back office team to maintain paper charts for patient billing.


Statement Printing & Mailing  

Before electronic patient billing, statement printing and mailing were laborious processes, requiring the maintenance of paper patient billing charts and large calendars on an individual employee's desk. Fortunately, you can now utilize software to automate most of these processes to make the job easier for your back office staff and more efficiently optimize your collection efforts. 

Manually print and send statements, make collections calls, send payment requests or set up automation through the print house to have statements mailed out at predetermined times. Doing so will allow you to remain compliant with insurance carriers and retain the autonomy to control how you want to collect from your patients, putting the power back in your organization's hands. 


Track Outstanding Balance & Payments Made In Specific Patient Billing A/R Reports    

Electronic patient billing can also provide you with a quick snapshot of what’s due to you, how long it’s been outstanding, and if any action has been taken by your staff without having to go to each person individually. Establishing a single consolidated place where this information lives ensures this data is at your fingertips whenever you need it. 


Check out our "7 Things Your Back Office Should Be Doing" webinar video and slide deck for greater insight into how dashboard-driven decisions can help you get the returns you deserve.




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Greg Goode

Written by Greg Goode