AveaOffice for   TREATMENT CENTERS   
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AveaOffice tracks revenue, optimizes performance, and manages operations like no other software platform on the market, allowing staff to spend less time on billing issues and more on growing your business.

  •  A/R Reporting with Consolidated Insurance/Patient Collections
  • Increase Revenue by 15% Via Issue Tracking
  • Track Utilization Management Performance by Payer
  • Actionable Reporting Tracks Revenue Delays and Prioritizes Collection Efforts 
  • Integration with Electronic Health Records
  • Increase Operational Efficiency to Improve Client Care
  • Transparency and Accountability for all Billing Processes
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AveaOffice for   BILLING COMPANIES   
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AveaOffice’s real-time analytics, superior reporting, and revenue management capabilities allow you to be the trusted partner critical to a treatment provider's success.

  • Team Work Center Creates Staff Accountability
  • Client Portal for Self-Reporting & Census Management
  • Dashboards Promote Billing Efficiency and Track PerformanceKPIs
  • Improve Staff Efficiency up to 60%
  • Advanced Reporting Confirms Reimbursement Accuracy 
  • Integrated Utilization Management Tools & Reporting
  • Competitive Technology Advantage
  • Build Stronger Trust with Clients 
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"With Avea, we’ve been able to increase our cash flow and get money faster than ever before. It’s enabled us to grow from an average daily census of 10 to 30, and increase our bed facility by 46%. Our office staff has been able to shift from chasing down billing issues to focusing on clinical and medical care."

Steve Thomason, CEO, Springboard Center - Midland, Texas

Why AveaOffice?

AveaOffice is the first revenue management platform specifically designed for the behavioral health industry. We understand the unique challenges of substance abuse billing because we worked in billing too, and had the same sleepless nights worrying about lost revenue, lack of transparency, and little-to-no accountability.

We knew there must be a better way to manage addiction recovery claims, but couldn’t find software specifically engineered for the unique needs of treatment centers providing these services.

That’s why we built one.


  • Provides access to real-time analytics and reporting
  • Allows users to manage team workflows for optimized efficiency
  • Identifies revenue issues before they become problems

Now that we’re out of the billing business, we are dedicated to providing treatment providers with the best revenue cycle management software on the market.