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More Revenue.
Less Work.

That's Avea.
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The Avea Difference

Most medical billing software is built for traditional medical providers.
That's not you. That's why we are here.
Give Your Treatment Center an Edge


Collecting revenue for Behavioral Health services is complex. So are all of the workflows behind it. We get it because we’ve lived it, and we’ve built all of that knowledge into the system. With Avea, you not only have your team, you have our team too.

Put Out Fires Before They Start


Take the guesswork out of what needs to get done across departments, how to set priorities, and measure performance. Our intelligent management dashboards make it easy to oversee it all so nothing slips through the cracks, and you can identify issues and act on solutions quickly.

Eliminate the Busywork


Your teams have a lot on their plates – free them from the tedious tasks that slow them down. Our workflows simplify and automate important work like utilization review and claim creation, letting you reroute their focus to what matters most and harness their expertise elsewhere.

 Gain the Upper Hand


Stop looking back at the end of the month and wondering what happened to your cash flow. We give real-time visibility into every aspect of your revenue cycle with actionable intelligence so you can catch and fix problems before they cost you. Avea brings peace of mind to your business operations.

Watch a Quick Product Tour of AveaOffice

The business of recovery is changing fast. Many executives are getting left behind.

Don't let that be you. Listen to "The Recovery Executive Podcast" with Nick Jaworski & Ben Dittman.

Billing and Revenue Cycle Management is far more than submitting a claim followed by checking to see how much was collected. There are numerous steps in the process and not having them operationalized is a quick way to start losing serious revenue. Ben Dittman, CEO of Avea Solutions, walks you through the systems and processes providers need to know.

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