Ben Dittman


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Ben is the co-founder and CEO of Avea. He leads our team with an unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge tools to healthcare providers that strike the perfect balance of heuristics and optimal solutions. 

Before founding Avea, Ben spent 15+ years in banking, system design, and consulting.

In his free time, Ben loves to hang out with his wife, explore Portland’s food scene, snap photos, and indulge in his passion for cool gadgets.


Dean Fitch, MS, LMFT

Director of Business Development

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Dean shepherds the most precious aspect of Avea: our relationship with our clients and partners. He is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who brings decades of clinical experience to our team. A veteran of the behavioral health industry, Dean previously owned and operated an intensive outpatient treatment center, worked extensively in private practice, and served as the Clinical Director of a large residential treatment center in Texas. Dean understands the unique challenges that face institutional healthcare providers and truly loves connecting them with solutions to attain unprecedented success.

Dean is as affable a fellow as you’ll ever meet. Outside of work, he enjoys quality time with family and friends, reading the literary greats, and rocking out to Bruce Springsteen.


Matt Silverston

Sales Engineer

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Matt Silverston is an experienced revenue cycle consultant in the behavioral health space, with a proven track record of improving reimbursement rates by creating, teaching, and implementing efficient collections workflows. Matt previously managed a full-service billing group that coordinated collections for more than 35 different treatment clients that submitted several million dollars' worths of claims monthly. This experience primed Matt for his current roles as a sales engineer, educating and training potential and current clients alike on the benefits of automation, EHR integration, and more.

In his free time, Matt enjoys spending time with his wife Paige and their two dogs, Rusty and Julie; following the Trail Blazers and the Lakers; and practicing the art of being a sneakerhead.