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Avea Joins the KIPU Behavioral Health Technology Ecosystem

Sep 29, 2021 10:27:44 AM / by The Avea Solutions Team

The Avea Solutions Team



We are excited to announce KIPU has joined forces with Avea Solutions so treatment centers no longer need to compromise when choosing their core systems. This is a huge opportunity for Avea to invest substantially in additional resources that will support treatment centers in growing their businesses, speed up our ability to roll out new product improvements and extend new offerings that solve some of our customer’s biggest challenges. 

With our technology and revenue cycle management teams now working together, we will be able to serve as a catalyst for growth for addiction treatment and behavioral health centers. 

Benefits of this integration 

  • Two behavioral health focused technologies joined together 
  • End-to-end revenue cycle management expertise 
  • A valuable integration between leading CRM, EMR and RCM systems 
  • Meaningful investment in new features 

KIPU's behavioral health-focused platform is used daily by more than 80,000 users at more than 1,900 facilities, globally. Combined with Avea’s intelligence of critical behavioral health processes, workflows and payer knowledge that now help over 600 treatment centers bill and collect hundreds of millions in revenue annually, the integrated resources of both companies will soon deliver meaningful, valuable integrations between our CRM, EMR and RCM systems for clients in behavioral health and addiction treatment. 

What Is Not Changing 

Tomorrow, you will still work with the same people you love today. There will be no immediate change to how customers interact with KIPU or Avea. You don’t have to change what you call your favorite company and system.  Avea and Kipu will both maintain their existing brands and product names. 

You will also be able to continue to depend on your existing integrations.  Our goal is to maintain our existing partnerships and continue to support working integrations with other EMR platforms including Alleva, BestNotes and ZenCharts. With an integration approach not seen in behavioral health technology today, we will eliminate data silos and shift the power into the hands of treatment providers enabling a dynamic change in a broken system for the benefit of our patients and our communities. 


Over 8 years ago, Avea was founded to support Behavioral Health organizations in the life saving work they do by providing a better solution for getting paid for their services, recognizing their unique requirements and giving them control over their business. Since then, we’ve evolved into a leading provider of revenue cycle management solutions for addiction treatment centers. Many of you have been a part of this journey with us, and we are extremely grateful for your support and for trusting us to help you grow your businesses. 


We know that our customers and partners need consistency and dependability as much as they expect new features, and we’re committed to ensuring your entire customer experience is exceptional as we move forward, together, with KIPU.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer success team.


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