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Is it Time to Admit You Don't Want to Live This Way Any Longer?

Feb 3, 2021 1:40:39 PM / by The Avea Solutions Team

The Avea Solutions Team


Addiction Treatment Business


In his book Traction, Gino Wickman starts out speaking about how business owners are unable to reach the next level because they simply aren’t ready to “let go of the vine”. He explains the familiar feeling of wanting to see your business grow, but at the same time being frustrated, tired, and unwilling to take on any more risk. The truth is, he says, before you can grow, you’ll need to take a leap of faith. This certainly rings true for those of us in the treatment industry.

Change is Scary

Growth often requires a shift in thinking. With the right vision, structure, and people in place, your company can evolve and realize its full potential. His book begins with covering four fundamentals beliefs to embrace in order to be ready for change:

1. You must build and maintain a true leadership team
2. Hitting the ceiling is inevitable
3. You can only run your business on one operating system
4. You must be open-minded, growth-oriented, and vulnerable

If you accept these four beliefs, he says, you are ready to let go of the vine.


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EOS as an Operating System

Wickman stresses you must have one abiding vision, one voice, one culture, and one operating system. EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) is an operating system that puts everybody in your company on the same page and offers a uniform approach to how you meet, how you set priorities, how you plan and set your vision, the terminology you use and the way you communicate with employees.

As a company, Avea has adopted the EOS system, and some of the most noticeable improvements we've seen are:

• We stopped operating in a sense of constant urgency.
• Accountability improved across the organization. Management can have difficult, but productive conversations where everyone is heard.
• Development has gone up 400% across the board.
• Our employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction is better than it has ever been.


Why are we sharing EOS and offering a free copy of Traction? Avea specializes in revenue cycle software for behavioral health facilities - and it’s our passion to help treatment centers thrive, especially as the need for quality care continues to be vital. Across our clients, we continually recognize that those who prioritize operational efficiency are able to achieve growth and business success, despite ongoing reimbursement challenges. We are committed to sharing knowledge of tools and systems that positively impact operations and growth, and EOS is one of those.

Get the Book

You can learn more about these four beliefs, the EOS system and how to "let go of the vine" to make change in your company in the book Traction.


tractionIn the spirit of helping Behavioral Health organizations navigate the challenges of running a successful business, we’re offering an EOS Starter Kit that includes a copy of the book Traction. If you haven’t taken us up on this offer yet, we highly encourage you to do so now, as we’ve limited the offer to the first 100 takers.


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