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Build a Thriving Culture Around Core Values

Feb 24, 2021 8:35:34 PM / by The Avea Solutions Team

The Avea Solutions Team



On average, businesses that follow the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Process grow their revenue by 18% per year, according to its founder and author of Traction, Gino Wickman. The EOS system includes six key components, starting with clarifying your organization’s vision. As the book outlines, the first critical step is to answer the question “What are Your Core Values?”


Why are Core Values Important?

Hickman points out in Traction, that unfortunately most organizations have not defined their core values, and the resultant lack of clarity hinders their growth. Alternatively, organizations who have defined their core values and built a culture around them, have successfully endured some of the most challenging of times, including recessions and depressions (we might also predict pandemics).


He stresses that creating core values as the first step in clarifying your VISION is important because:


  • They define your culture and who you truly are as people
  • They serve as a small set of vital and timeless guiding principles for your company
  • When they are clear, you’ll find you attract like-minded people to your organization
  • When applied in your organization, they will weed out the people that don’t fit
  • Once defined, you must hire, fire, review, and recognize people based on these core values


In the Traction book, he outlines an easy and effective four step process for how leadership teams can easily discover their core values (get a free copy of the book here).


In short," he states,it doesn’t matter what you core values are as much as it does that you’ve clearly defined them as an organization. Only then can you truly surround yourself with the people who will prepare your organization for growth.”


As part of Avea's implementation of EOS, we recently redefined our core values and made a cultural shift. Click here to learn how we did it. 


Get the Book

You can learn more about creating core values and using the EOS system to make change in your company in the book Traction.


tractionIn the spirit of helping Behavioral Health organizations navigate the challenges of running a successful business, we’re offering an EOS Starter Kit that includes a copy of the book Traction. If you haven’t taken us up on this offer yet, we highly encourage you to do so now, as this is a limited offer.



Send Me the Free Traction Book


Why are we sharing EOS and offering a free copy of Traction? Avea specializes in revenue cycle software for behavioral health facilities - and it’s our passion to help treatment centers thrive, especially as the need for quality care continues to be vital. Across our clients, we continually recognize that those who prioritize operational efficiency are able to achieve growth and business success, despite ongoing reimbursement challenges. We are committed to sharing knowledge of tools and systems that positively impact operations and growth, and EOS is one of those.


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