The AveaOffice software platform is the first of its kind: a comprehensive cloud-based Revenue Management tool designed specifically for the needs of billing companies serving the addiction treatment industry.

Engineered Specifically for Billing Companies Serving Substance Use & Eating Disorder Treatment Centers

After billing hundreds of millions of dollars for thousands of treatments annually, we know a thing or two about the complex process of billing. That’s what your billing team gets when it uses AveaOffice: smart tools that were built based on tremendous insight into critical processes and payer knowledge.

The AveaOffice software platform streamlines the billing cycle by fully integrating VOB, U/R, Census, Claims Submission, Claims Tracking, Patient Responsibility, Statements, and Reporting in one simple dashboard. Use AveaOffice to track claims in real time, analyze revenue, and optimize your team. The result: billing companies empowered to make dashboard driven decisions to improve operational efficiency, maximize revenue, and provide the performance and transparency that your treatment center clients expect.  

  • A/R Reporting with Consolidated Insurance/Patient Collections
  • Increase Revenue by 15% Via Issue Tracking
  • Track U/R Trends and Authorization-based issues
  • Advanced Revenue Reporting and Reimbursement Trend Tracking
  • Integration Capability with Electronic Health Records
  • Helps Your Clients Increase Operational Efficiency To Improve Client Care
  • Transparency and Accountability for all Billing Processes 
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As the owner of the leading behavioral health claims advocacy and management firm, I've struggled for years to find the right billing software provider.

Since becoming a client of Avea Solutions in 2015, not only has my firm grown exponentially, but so too has my ability to serve my clients in the manner they deserve.

Avea's real-time reporting and tech support has allowed me to differentiate my firm from our competitors in what's becoming an increasingly competitive field. SJ Health Insurance Advocates is fortunate to be a client of Avea Solutions, and I am proud to be their partner.

Scott Leshin, SJ Health Insurance Advocates

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