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Boost Your Patient Collections up to 75%

The Avea Office integration with InBox Health streamlines the patient billing and collections process without slowing down billing staff, and improves the patient billing experience.

A Modern Payment Experience
for Optimal Results

The Inbox Health integration provides a very patient-centric approach, reaching patients through their preferred channel of communication and allowing them to pay the way that is fitting for them, making receiving and paying their bill more convenient.

  • Allows patients to pay in multiple ways, including setting up payment plans
  • A convenient patient portal providing immediate, real-time access to account status and easy payment paths
  • Highly personalized and effective patient interactions, with clear messages specific to the patient's situation
  • Use of text messaging to remind and notify patients of new statements, payments due, etc.
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Flexible Merchant Banking Options

Patients are provided with multiple payment options so it is easier for them to pay, when and how they feel most comfortable - reducing friction in the process and reducing costs.

  • Apple Pay from a mobile phone
  • Card swipe at point of service
  • Processing card, check or ACH payment within the application
  • Card not present processing in the portal
  • Card saving for installment payments or automatic payment
  • Full PCI compliance
  • Every major card plus ACH - all fully integrated from intake to billing team to patient portal 
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One Place to Effectively Manage Patient Billing and Collections

Accelerate patient cash flow and lighten the burden for billing teams by bringing more efficiency and automating manual, repetitive tasks.

  • Workflow, automation and a rules engine that allows each practice to customize and create unique workflows that match their policies and unique processes
  • Frees up billing teams’ time with decreased calls and automated patient follow-up
  • One system to service patients, accept payments and manage patient statements
  • Up to 75% increase in patient collections
  • Reduced administrative overhead and improved visibility
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Why Billers Will Love It

Enjoy accelerated collection rates and a reduction in phone calls and paper statements.


Why Practices Will Love It

Simpler bills and more convenient patient support means happier patients and increased revenue.


Why Patients Will Love It

Finally, patient bills that are easy to understand! Plus easy access to customer support on every channel, and more payment options than ever before.

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