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3 Electronic Claim Submission Facts To Help You Get Paid Faster

Jul 5, 2017 3:15:02 PM / by Greg Goode

Greg Goode


 3 Electronic Claim Submission Facts To Help You Get Paid Faster


In our new weekly blog series, "Dashboard Driven Decisions," we'll be examining how addiction recovery, substance abuse and behavioral health organizations can greatly benefit from monitoring patient claims electronically, specifically via the use of a claims dashboard.  Electronic claims management is faster, more organized and less error-prone than traditional methods, allowing your back office to work more effectively and you, in turn, to focus on growing your business.

In our third installment, we examine how electronic claim submission can help you navigate some of the problem areas inherent in the traditional submission process, allowing you to get paid faster in the process. 


Expedite The Submission Process 

Having access to all of your information, all in one place helps make the submission process a cinch. Set up your claims generation to populate electronic forms for inputting necessary information in all the right places, which will boost clean claim rates, help you avoid the need to troubleshoot claims, and aid in bridging crucial revenue gaps.


Stay On Top of Coding and Claim Form Requirement Changes 

Behavioral health billing utilizes a handful of codes and code combinations;  but despite this, payers are very specific about how they want claims to be coded and submitted. Billing platforms help you adjust and submit claims as soon as you determine what a given payer’s coding requirements are, allowing you to expedite the process. 


Develop a Better Understanding of Problem Areas   

Insurance billing is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate. Get ahead of sweeping and payer-specific changes with ease and avoid dips in revenue by submitting claims electronically. Electronic claim submission also lets you know if a claim has been rejected by a clearinghouse or payer in a fraction of the time it takes via traditional means. 


Check out our "7 Things Your Back Office Should Be Doing" webinar video and slide deck for greater insight into how dashboard-driven decisions can help you get the returns you deserve.




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Greg Goode

Written by Greg Goode