Billing Software Designed for the Addiction Treatment Community

AveaOffice is the first of its kind: a cloud-based comprehensive revenue cycle management platform designed specifically for the needs of behavioral health management facilities. We understand how billing works because that’s where we started. We originally developed AveaOffice to improve our own processes while providing transparency to our customers.

Engineered Specifically for Addiction Recovery Billing 

By billing hundreds of millions of dollars for thousands of treatments annually, we’ve gained tremendous insight into critical processes and payer knowledge, information we subsequently built into AveaOffice. Instead of building a billing company, we've switched our focus to developing software that benefits the entire industry. With AveaOffice, there's finally a solution for billing companies and internal billing teams looking to improve operational efficiency while providing transparency for management and owners.

Telehealth Claim Support

As many providers are beginning to offer Telehealth services due to the COVID-19 virus, making sure that your claims are billed out with the correct modifiers and/or place of service depending on the claim type and payer requirements is critical. Avea supports Telehealth claim billing, and will work with you so that your claims are correctly submitted to ensure payment. Click here to learn more.  


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